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‚ÄčOur Mission: To empower students, anywhere, to explore and develop their own areas of interest in an environment that speaks to many levels of educational focus and social impacts of living today. 

Thank you to the US Green Building Council and the West Career and Technical Academy in Las Vegas, and all the folks who made the Nevada Green Schools STEM Summit a great event!

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Students learn by actively operating an in-classroom vertical aeroponic garden.  Easy to use, easy to maintain.

Designed, patented and built in the U.S. for commercial agriculture, this unit is State of the Art, with many lesson plans that can be done around it.

Helps your students develop their own interests in the areas of STEM.  It is fun, clean, engaging and students of all ages really love to use it!



Amazing Patented  Vertical Aeroponic Growing Equipment that presents great solutions for engaging, project based learning. Products for any grade level.

Kids Love the mobile demo Aeroponic Farm!  An amazing morning at the 2016 Career on Wheels Day at Bracken Steam Academy in Las Vegas! Thanks Prinicpal Katie Decker and all the great staff at the school.

Fire Trucks, Police SWAT vehicles, Crane service, and a Farm on wheels from us!  

What a cool collection.

Clark County Schools receives their first Vertical Aeroponic Garden!  Thank you to the teachers who we had a fun morning with training on the operation of our classroom units for three awesome STEAM Academies in Las Vegas.

You guys rock!